CCTV Security

EagleCCTV is leading CCTV Supplier and we stock a wide range of cameras and CCTV Systems suitable for every application.

Cameras disguised as everyday items including PIR cameras, smoke detector cameras and clocks.
Products for digital video recording and remote transmission of video across TCP/IP networks. Embedded, Stand-alone and PC-Based DVR systems.

Our range of fibre converters include high-quality cost effective fiber optic transmission devices for industrial automation, CCTV and general video applications.

A system typically includes a transmitter, receiver and power supply. Standard 62.5 micron multimode fiber optic cable and industry standard ST type optical connectors can be used.


These perimeter intrusion detection systems are used to protect the perimeter of a site and provide an early warning of intrusion.

They form a critical element (detect) in the four d's of security: deter, delay, detect and deny.

Part of a balanced security system, they are normally the first layer of security as part of a physical protection system (PPS).


We supply a range of products to assist in the testing and/or installation of CCTV cameras & related security equipment.

This includes camera test meters, camera test charts, camera test monitors and fibre optic test equipment.