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Single Channel RS-232 Multi-Protocol PCMIA Card

  • RS-232 interface through shielded DB-25 connector
  • Provides Bisync, HDLC and SDLC synchronous communication protocols
  • 600 kbps maximum data rate
  • Configured as DTE
  • 1024 byte transmit and receive FIFO
  • Programmable baud rate generator
  • DOS, Windows and OS/2 supported
  • SYNCDRIVE software included
  • PCMCIA Card Services Specification 2.1 compliant
  • The MPAP-100 is a 2.1 compliant Type-II PCMCIA card which adds a single multi-protocol serial port to the host computer. The MPAP-100 provides a standard RS-232 interface and uses a Zilog 85230 compatible SCC controller. The SCC can support asynchronous formats, byte-oriented synchronous protocols such as IBM Bisync, and bit-oriented synchronous protocols such as HDLC and SDLC. The SCC also offers internal functions such as on-chip baud rate generators, and digital phase-lock loop (DPLL) for recovering data clocking from received data streams.

    Because the PCMCIA 2.1 standard does not support direct memory access (DMA), the MPAP-100 supports only interrupt-driven communications. To compensate for the lack of DMA, the card is equipped with 1024-byte transmit and receive FIFOs. With the FIFOs enabled, data can be moved to and from the SCC in large blocks, providing for high data throughput and low interrupt overhead.

    The MPAP-100 is configured as a Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) device meeting the RS-232-D standard using a DB-25 male connector. However, as the card does not use a standard asynchronous PC serial port connector pinout, a typical off the shelf null modem cable cannot be used with the card.

    All necessary software is included to install and configure the card for use with DOS/Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98 and OS/2. In addition, the frame-level HDLC and Bisync driver, SYNCDRIVE, is included free.

    Ordering Information

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    MPAP-100    Single Channel RS-232 Multi-Protocol PCMIA Card    $ 606.00   
    Optional Accessories

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    CP-MPAP    Spare Cable for MPAP-100    $ 63.00