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Displays > LCD ScreenKeys
LC24.2 Trend

LCD ScreenKey

Each ScreenKey incorporates four red and four green LEDs which can be illuminated to provide seven different colours which can be matched if necessary. The LC12 switches have 512 pixels configured in 32 columns X 16 rows. The LC24 switches have 864 pixels configured in 36 columns X 24 rows. Switch bodies are available in black or grey.

Each ScreenKey is full travel, programmable and dynamic. Alphanumeric characters or graphics can all be displayed. By pressing a ScreenKey, the controlling application performs the appropriate task and then can refresh the ScreenKey with new text or graphics if necessary.

A matrix of ScreenKeys can be used to navigate through layers of options or menus; regardless of where you are in a process or transaction, only the relevant options valid at that stage need be displayed - improving operator efficiency and minimising errors. Displays without switch function are available as annunciators.

Development systems are also available.

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