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Industrial Communication Products > Bluetooth

Bluetooth PCMCIA Card

  • Type II PCMCIA Card with extended back
  • Certified Bluetooth compliant
  • 721 kbit/s maximum actual data transfer rate
  • Plug & Play compatible
  • Class 1 Bluetooth device
  • Using your Bluetooth PC card in your laptop or Pocket PC will enable you to send and receive emails in a meeting anywhere in your building via a Bluetooth LAN access point. You will also be able to access the Internet or a corporate Intranet via the same device.

    All products are rigorously tested for conformance with the latest Bluetooth standards. In addition they are put through extensive interoperability testing with products from other manufacturers to ensure seamless connections.

    Works with:
    Any laptop, handheld PC or Pocket PC with a Type II PCMCIA slot.

    Operating Systems:
    Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millenium, Windows 98.

    Also available as standard PCMCIA Type II with connector for external aerial. Ideal for situations where the PCMCIA card needs to be enclosed e.g. rugged computer.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    BL-500    Bluetooth PCMCIA Card    $ 210.00   

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