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CCTV Surplus > FireWire > Firewire Storage

Fast portable drive

  • Easy Installation
  • FireWire, i.Link compatible
  • Stackable ultra-sleek design
  • 400Mbps data transfer rate
  • Two built-in FireWire ports
  • Hot plug
  • Power/HDD activity led
  • Power switch
  • You no longer need to worry about storage capacity and data transportation. Save your work on the E-Fire-120 External Hard Drive and forget all other conventional external storage devices like Bernoulli™, zip™, Jaz™ or even USB keys. E-Fire-120 is 30 times faster than any USB Hard Drive with storage capacities from 60-120GB. The E-Fire-120 is ideal for Digital Video applications, audio, graphics, imaging, pre-press, DTP, archiving, local backup and mobile high performance data transportation. Compatible with FireWire and i.LINK and powered by Western Digital’s 7200rpm hard drive, Fire120™ offers dependable storage/backup for all your important and precious files.

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