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CCTV Surplus > FireWire > Firewire Cards

3-Port Compact-PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) Interface Card

One E-FireCompact-400 host adapter
ubCore™ (FireWire core technology)
FireNet™NT4 (FireWire Networking driver for Windows NT 4.0 ONLY)
Fire-i™ (FireWire camera & control Utility)
FireAPI™/Fire-iAPI™ (ubCore™) license

OS Supported
Windows NT4/98SE/Me/2000/XP

The E-FireCompact-400 is equipped with the PCILynx-2 controller (TI), hence being compatible to PCILynx based application tools and protocol stacks by leading third party software vendors.

Guaranteed bandwidth is provided for mission critical applications, and live connect/disconnect and many other impressing features more make the FireWire a fast, reliable, durable and universal interconnection between computers and I/O devices.

The E-FireCompact-400 provides for three FireWire 400Mbps transceiver cable ports (compatible to 200/100Mbps). Peripheral devices can be powered directly by the boards 1394 connectors. Regardless whether the CompactPCI® system is switched off, the hub function of the E-FireCompact-400 will be maintained by FireWire cable power distribution.

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E-FireCompact-400    3-Port Compact-PCI FireWire (IEEE-1394) Interface Card    Email for pricing     

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