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Sensors > Image Sensors
OV2610 / OV2110

2 Mega-Pixel CameraChip

  • Optical Black Level Calibration
  • Video or Snapshot Operations
  • Programmable/Auto Exposure and Gain Control
  • Programmable/Auto White Balance Control
  • Horizontal & Vertical Sub-sampling (4:2 & 4:2)
  • Programmable Image Windowing
  • Electronics Exposure Up to 1230:1 (UXGA); Up to 614:1 (SVGA)
  • On-Chip R/G/B Channel and Luminance Average Counter
  • Internal/External Frame Synchronization
  • SCCB Slave Interface
  • Power on Reset and Power Down Mode
  • The OV2610 (colour) and OV2110 (black and white) are high-performance 2.0 mega-pixel CameraChips for digital still image and video/still camera products. Both devices incorporate a 600x1200(UXGA) image array and an on-chip 10-bit A/D converter capable of operating at up to 10 frames per second (FPS) with full resolution and 40 FPS at SVGA (800x600) resolution.

    Proprietary sensor technology utilizes advanced algorithms to cancel Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN), and provides superior black level calibration for optimal colour performance. The control registers allow for flexible control of timing, polarity, and CameraChip operation, which in turn allow the engineer a great deal of freedom in product design.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    OV2110    B&W 2 Mega-Pixel MOS CameraChip    Email for pricing     
    OV2610    Colour 2 Mega-Pixel MOS CameraChip    Email for pricing     

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