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CCTV Surplus > FireWire > Firewire Cameras

2 MegaPixel FireWire Camera

  • Sensor Type: 1/1.8'', interline transfer, progressive scan
  • Pixels: 1628 x 1236
  • Pixel Size: 4.40Ám x 4.40Ám
  • Anti-Blooming: Yes
  • Max. Frame Rate (Full Res): 12.75
  • Video Signal Output: Mono 8bit/pixel
  • Gain and Offset: Programmable via IEEE1394
  • Exposure Time Control: Programmable via IEEE1394
  • Synchronization: via IEEE1394, external
  • Power Requirements: <3.5W @ 12V
  • Max. Cable Lengths: 1394: 4.5 m, I/O: 10 m
  • Lens Adapter: C-mount
  • Housing Size (L x W x H): 115 x 45 x 45
  • Weight: 225 g
  • Colour or B/W Models
  • 1.4 & 2 MegaPixel
  • External async. trigger/shutter
  • Manual Gain & Manual Shutter
  • True Partial Scan
  • 16 Frame Buffers FIFO
  • Real time Shading Correction
  • Up to 63 progr. Lookup Tables
  • On Board Colour Conversion
  • On Board Colour Correction
  • Industrial IEEE 1394 Connector
  • C-Mount Lens Ring
  • 3 inputs, 3 outputs; configurable
  • Status LEDs
  • The E-F201/F145 cameras, are a range of b/w & colour 1,4 MegaPixel or 2 MegaPixel industrial grade firewire cameras.

    The E-F145, which is available both in colour and black/white, is a C-Mount camera which is equipped with a 1,45 Megapixel SONY 2/3" type progressive CCD-array. The E-F201 uses a 2,01 Megapixel 1/1,8" type progressive CCD-array. All E-F145's operate both in 8-bit or 10-bit mode, ensuring extremely high quality images. The E-F201's operate in 8-bit mode, ensuring the highest frame rate in combination with extremely high resolution images.

    Cameras are equipped with 16 internal frame buffers to decouple framegrabbing from transmissions. A real time shading correction and up to 63 user-definable real-time lookup tables are ideal for smart preprocessing. With full frame rates up to 15 fps (full resolution; 12,75 fps F-201B) the AVT Dolphin family is ideal for high-demand image processing and factory automation tasks. With partial scan the frame rate increases even higher or alternatively, the bandwidth consumption decreases.

    Colour versions use sophisticated realtime colour conversion with colour correction on board, ensuring both high resolutions and high colour fidelity. An option for RAW image transfers is also available. This either lowers the bandwidth or increases the image quality when transmitting at 10 bits per pixel.

    Last but not least: These cameras are easy to integrate as a result of the powerful and flexible API software: FirePackage OHCI.

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