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CCTV Surplus > FireWire > Firewire Cameras

E-PLA Firewire Camera Software


  • Real Time Image Preview
  • Adjustable Capture Settings 
  • Image & Video File Capture
  • Full Control of Camera Features
  • Video Capture & Playback with Time Lapse
  • Flat Field COrrection
  • Thumbnail Viewer
  • Image Processing Filters
  • User Defined Presets
  • MS Access Image Database Support

    • Intensity profiles along a horiz line
    • Point & Count
    • Angle,Calliper/Circle from 3 points
    • Total & Average length of joined line segments
    • Area & Perimeter Length of a Polygon
    • Area & Perimeter of a closed Shape
    • Scale Marks
    • Grid & Cricular Ring Overlays 

    E-PixeLINK-Capture-SE is a realtime, interactive application for our range of E-PLA Firewire Cameras. Designed for microscopy, documentation or machine vision. The software allows you to control your E-PLA camera, see a live preview, capture images and video clips, and make measurements. All with an intuitive “What You See Is What You Get” interface.

    As well as camera control and image capture, E-PixeLINK-Capture-SE also includes thumbnail previews of stored images, image enhancement functions and measurement features.

    Camera and application settings can be saved and instantly recalled at a later time, saving you time and increasing your image capture speed.
    The settings include camera features, illumination corrections and measurement
    calibrations for specific microscope objectives. An extensive list of keyboard shortcuts are also provided to accelerate the image capture process. The software also works with the E-PLA footswitch for hands-free operation.

    E-PixeLINK-Capture-SE can be used as a standalone application or as a fully functional TWAIN interface with many 3rd party software applications. The TWAIN interface has the same user defined settings as the stand-alone application so its easy to move from one to the other.

    Ordering Information

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    E-PixeLINK-Capture-SE    E-PLA Firewire Camera Software - Includes a TWAIN interface and Direct Show driver support. All E-PLA microscopy cameras include this software.    Email for pricing     

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