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CCTV Surplus > FireWire > Firewire Software

Firewire Camcorder/Camera Software Video Editing Kit

The E-FireDV-Pro is an easy-to-use DV Camcorder Connectivity kit for desktop or portable computers. It includes everything need to do video editing from firewire enabled camcorders and video recorders. Two models are available, the desktop model with a PCI firewire card and the portable model with a PCMCIA card.

Both models include a 4 to 6 pin firewire cable which allows one to interface to the camcorder/camera. For video editing, the kit includes a Windows software package called CyberLink PowerDirector™4. All-in-all, the kit allows one to transfer videos to your PC, edit them into professional movies and store for later playback.

Ordering Information

Item    Description    Price    Qty
E-FireDV-Pro-Desk    Firewire Camcorder/Camera Software Video Editing Kit - For Desktop PC Use - Includes 1 x PCI Firewire Card    Email for pricing     
E-FireDV-Pro-Laptop    Firewire Camcorder/Camera Software Video Editing Kit - For Portable PC/Laptop Use - Includes 1 x PCMCIA Card    Email for pricing     

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