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Industrial Communication Products > Cellular Router

Industrial 3G/GPRS/EDGE Router


  • Designed for Industrial Applications
  • GPRS/EDGE & UMTS (3G) models
  • Wide DC input Voltage Range
  • 19" Rack Mount or Wall Mount
  • -20 to +55°C Operation

The 3EMR is an industrial cellular router for UMTS (3G), GPRS or EDGE Networks.

It allows a direct and secure integration of an existing IP remote network into a company intranet, or an access from the Internet. It also allows remote device integration into existing or new IP networks, just by connecting them to the 3EMR Ethernet port.


The 3EMR can be configured using either the front RS232 service port or accessing its configuration page, which resides in the internal Web Server. For RS232 configuration, a set of RS232 commands is provided which can be accessed via a HyperTerminal session. Alternatively the user can access the web page through a TCP/IP connection. This html page is user friendly and allows access to all 3EMR configuration parameters.


Three communication-type models are currently available, a GPRS unit, a GPRS/EDGE unit and an UMTS (3G) model. The UMTS model comes with an internal PCMCIA slot for Lucent or Novatel 3G PCMCIA cards. On the mechanical side, two packaged versions can be supplied. A 19" rack mount unit or a wall mount unit.


Infrastructure networks (telecommunications, roads, gas, electricity…) are based on the proper function of different electronic devices spread geographically into different “network nodes”. People in charge of network node maintenance are nowadays used to access them remotely via a telephone modem. This way they can perform out-of-band control, configuring and monitoring activities. However, this has several drawbacks: Collaboration is not possible. Only one person can access at a time to the remote network nodes. Great configuration efforts are required in both sides, remote and local sites. Data calls are expensive and potentially unsecured. The 3EMR solves all these problems, allowing secure access to remote network nodes, by making use of the available packet data services (EDGE/GPRS/3G). Wireless Packet Data Services can be an optimum solution for those applications that require either a back-up line for their current tele-manteinance solutions, or an out-of-band telecontrol system. Another excellent application for the 3EMR is in the field of video surveillance. The unit can be connected to IP video servers or DVRs for remote monitoring.


The 3EMR integrates additional features, such as a firewall, or a DHCP server, in order to speed-up installation process.


  • Routing functions: IP level 3 routing
  • IP Aliasing: Allows different sub networks under a same physical network segment
  • NAT: Address mask for all the devices connected to the E-3EMR, showing all of them a same address.
  • VPN-IPSec: IPSec tunneling for secure connections
  • IP Firewall: Traffic to 3EMR Restriction
  • Failure Detection and Notification: Self test failure detection, and notification via SNMP traps
  • Traffic Adaptation (QoS): Allows bandwidth priorization for the different devices connected to 3EMR.
  • DHCP Server: 3EMR assigns IP addresses to the devices connected to it
  • IP Traffic Redirection: Allows access from the Internet to the devices connected to E-3EMR
  • Statistics: Information about accesses and traffic


  • Band: Dual band: EGSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900, GPRS Class 10 (4+2)
  • Output Power: Class 4 (2W at EGSM 900MHz/GSM 850MHz), Class 1 (1W at 1800/1900MHz
  • SIM Card: 3V
  • Antenna Type: SMA bulkhead female connector
  • Data Transmission (CSD): Circuit switched data; up to 14,4kbps
  • Data Transmission (GPRS): Class 10 (4+2); up to 85.6Kbps
  • Data Transmission (SMS): text/PDU mode, Concatenated SMS


  • Operating Temp: -30 to +70°C
  • Operating Temp (GSM full spec): -20 to +55°C
  • Dimensions (3EMR GPRS/EDGE Wall Mount Model): 42 x 212 x 240 mm
  • Dimensions (UMTS/3G Model Wall Mount Model): 53 x 203 x 249 mm
  • Dimensions (All Models 19" Rack Mount): 38 x 432 x 246 mm
  • Weight: 0.96 (Wall Mount) 1Kg (19" Rack Mount)


  • Ethernet: 4 x 10/100Mps (RJ45), 1 x fibre 1300nm (optional)
  • RS232: 1 x DB9
  • Antenna: 1 x SMA Female
  • Power: 3-Pin Screw Terminal 
  • Power Input (DC model): 6~36VDC
  • Power Input (AC/DC multi-range model): 80~260VAC & 60~360VDC 47~63Hz


Ordering Information

Item    Description    Price    Qty
3EMRU4121000000A    Industrial wall mount UMTS router with integrated 3 ethernet 10/100 ports and 1 GOF port (MTRJ 100) and multirange power supply (without PCMCIA card)    Email for pricing     
3EMRU4121001000A    Industrial Rack format UMTS router with integrated 3 ethernet 10/100 ports adn 1 GOF port (MTRJ 100) and multirange power supply (without PCMCIA card)    Email for pricing     
3EMRU4E21000000A    Industrial wall mount UMTS router with integrated 4 port switch and multirange power supply (without PCMCIA card)    Email for pricing     
3EMRU4E21001000A    Industrial Rack format UMTS Router with integrated 4 ports switch and multirange Power Supply (without PCMCIA card)    Email for pricing     

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