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Industrial Computers > PC/104 > Motion Controllers

PCIô 4 axis motion controller

  • Stepper Axis, Closed Loop: 2
  • Servo Axes, Control: 2
  • User I/O: 10
  • Two or Four axes of Servo, Stepper or Servo and Stepper control
  • Conforms to PCI specification Rev 2.2
  • Employs differential receivers and opto-isolators on control signals
  • The PCIx is a PCItm 4 axis motion controller that conforms to the PCI Rev. 2.2 specification. The PCIx is a four-axis controller for either servo or stepping motors. It supports 12 general purpose bits which are opto-isolated for optimum noise immunity. The home and overtravel inputs are opto-isolated. The architecture of the PCIx includes a dual-port Ram for special functions where fast collection of large amounts of data is required, such as profile capture.

    The servo output is a +/- 10V or 0-10V signal that is driven by a 16 bit DAC. The servo control loop is a PID filter with feedforward coefficients. The step pulse is a TTL level 50% duty cycle square wave that supports velocities of 0 through 1,044,000 pulses per second. The encoder feedback functionality supports quadrature encoders up to 4 MHz at a 4 times resolution and is used as the servo feedback, as feedback for the stepper axes or as independent position feedback. The encoder feedback can provide slip or stall detection. Every axis includes dedicated +/- overtravel inputs, a home input, and an auxiliary output. The PCIx is available in several different models at several different prices so that you donít have to pay for a lot of functionality that you donít need.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    PCIx-200    4 axis motion controller    $ 973.05   

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