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Sensors > Accelerometers > Crossbow > LF Series

3-Axis Hi-Stability Accel 1G

  • Low g, 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Excellent Offset Stability Over Temperature
  • Low Noise Density 100 g/Hz
  • Axes: TRI
  • Span(g): 2
  • Sensitivity (V/g): 1
  • Noise (mg rms): 1.5
  • Bandwidth (Hz): DC-125
  • The LF Series single and three axis accelerometers are precision, 1 g and 2 g acceleration sensors. Common applications include instrumentation, modal analysis, and orientation measurements.

    The LF Series sensing element is a bulk micro-machined three layer silicon structure. The three layers form a differential capacitor with low noise. The sensor is bonded to a high-quality ceramic substrate where it is coupled to signal conditioning electronics. The entire package design is optimized for minimal thermal hysteresis, yielding superior DC response.

    The LF Series operates on a single 5 VDC or an 8 - 30 VDC unregulated supply with the -R option. The LF Series sensor provides a direct high-level analog voltage signal output. The output requires no external signal conditioning and is easy to interface to standard data acquisition systems.

    Each module's offset and scale factor are factory calibrated and tested. Standard modules have a bandwidth of 125 Hz.

    The module should be securely attached using screws or adhesive. The LF Series accelerometers are available in two package options -nylon (both single and tri-axial), and high temperature aluminum (both single and tri-axial).

    Ordering Information

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    CXL02LF3    3-Axis Hi-Stability Accel 1G    Email for pricing     
    Option-AL    High temperature casing    Email for pricing     
    Option-R    Voltage Regulator    Email for pricing     

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