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Trade in any make of ISA bus boards for a 20% discount on PCI models

All users of ISA bus boards (who now want to have PCI models) are offered a 20% trade in discount on any PCI Daq and DIO boards and accessories. This enables you to swap boards, which are no longer suitable for your application, for the latest PCI products.

To make use of this offer simply send us the ISA boards which you no longer are able to use, and we’ll give you a 20% discount on your next board purchase.

That’s right - we are willing to pay you for your old daq boards which you have no use for anymore... And that’s not all - if you need cables & adapters for your new boards you are purchasing - the same 20% discount will be applied!

How to make use of this offer:
1.) Send us your unused board(s).
        SA send to : 31 - 35 Hout Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
        All other countries : We have delivery points in various countries - please contact us.
2.) Place your order.
3.) Receive a 20% discount on the same amount of boards as you sent us.
4.) Receive a 20% discount on any amount of accessories you include with the order.

Should the board(s) reach us after shipping off your new order:
Account : We will apply the discount to the amount - you pay the smaller amount.
Credit card : We will apply the 20% discount to your credit card.
Pre-paid : We will add credit on your account for next purchase.

For more information please email us : [email protected]

Please note:
1.) This offer is valid for all makes of boards.
2.) Quantity to quantity applies, ie. trade in one board and receive discount on one, trade in two and receive discount on two, etc.
3.) Trade similar boards, ie.DIO for DIO, DAQ for DAQ, A/D for A/D, D/A for D/A
4.) Offer cannot be combined with any other discount.
5.) We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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